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Stylum – with fast steps into the market.

Stylum is a new business branch of Medecine Beauty S.A and is based on the supposed medicinal benefit of moon phases. Stylum offers various products for direct mail order.




Fast and successful market entry of Stylum in Switzerland, Germany and France.


Scalable IT-Solutions without implementation costs.
Bilingualism in the Swiss market.
Payment processing through three different banking systems.
Geographically widespread users: Main offices in Geneva, Marketing Department in France and order entry in Austria and Switzerland.


Dooforyoo can easily handle different user languages, country specific payment types, currencies and tax levels. Every user can access the application at all times through a password secured login page. The costs stay completely flexible: dooforyoo charges only per order – depending on the function level of the application.

In January 2002 Stylum successfully entered the Swiss, German and French markets with a one-shot mailing.

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