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How does dooforyoo work?
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Networking Services


Everything is easy with dooforyoo.

Test the speed of our internet application and see how quickly you can process your orders.

The demo user gives you access to order entry, article management, mailing codes and statistics. You can simulate the whole order process with our demo wine mail order business "A la Bonne Bouteille" - starting from the selection of the customer to the entry of the mailing code and the selection of the article and payment information.

If you wish to have a guided tour through dooforyoo please contact us.

  • Technical Guidelines:

  • dooforyoo application services is optimized for Microsoft windows ME and windows 2000 (Service Pack 2), Internet Exploror 5 (or higher) with an encryption level of 128 bit and java virtual machine v3.1..
    In the browser settings (extras > internet options > microsoft VM) you should select all possible options.
    For starting the ActiveX Applet (Fulfilment Application) or the Java Applet (Fulfilment Application und PrintCenter) for the first time you need local administrator rights on your PC. Afterwards the usage of the applet is independent on the local user rights. Your firewall must allow the secure java applets and enables traffic on port 4400 to 4410 and 992.
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