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Networking Services


You only pay when you create turnover.

dooforyoo application services offers two product variations - Basic and Advanced, depending on you requirements. You will be invoiced monthly depending on the number of orders, without license fees, setup or fixed costs.

For your service to be in the foreground:

Dooforyoo Basic

Designed for small orders or standardized order processes. The easily configurable Basic version is currently available from EUR 0,60 per order. As needed you can add various other features to this package.

dooforyoo Advanced

The advanced package for complex order handling and higher order volumes. starts from EUR 0,95 per order. dooforyoo Advanced provides you with the performance of a stable and secure fulfilment platform. Multi-stock handling and automatic replacement articles are only a few of the already included Advanced features. There are also many more extra features that can be added to the Advanced package.

And should there be a feature missing, then we can provide you with funded IT and direct marketing know how for an individual solution.

Which package suits you? Contact us for a free consultation and more exact pricing information.

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