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How does dooforyoo work?
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Networking Services


Whether you generate your orders through print media, tele marketing or electronic media, if you receive them by post, by phone or online - every order is entered and processed in the same way with dooforyoo Application Services.

Smooth fulfillment guarantees your business success:

Customer satisfaction

Accurate deliveries and bookings, short delivery times and first-rate customer service generates more satisfied customers. dooforyoo delivers the required information and increases the life time value of each customer.

Trouble-free returns

Handling returns is an every day and unavoidable aspect of the mail order business. dooforyoo simplifies the returns process and helps to avoid unnecessary returns in the future.

Economic Success

Fulfilment is – next to sourcing and marketing - the basis of success. With dooforyoo only the best internal departments and external service providers work together.

If you have any questions regarding the fulfilment process we will happily answer them for you.

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