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How does dooforyoo work?
Who benefits from dooforyoo?
What does dooforyou offer?
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Multi-Channel selling can’t be easier.

With dooforyoo your orders, returns, customer service, accounting and inventory as well as many other vital parts of your mail order business are all handled using one database.

How to place your product into the spotlight:

Millionfold approved mail order solution

Dooforyoo’s mail order logic and the database design are based on over 25 years of experience.

Comprehensive e-commerce interface

Through a predefined interface, web-shops can easily be integrated. The dooforyoo system receives the orders and actualises the web inventory.

Globally applicable

Thanks to country specific tax levels, currencies, payment types and user languages, dooforyoo can be used both at home and abroad.

Let us show you how your mail order business can profit with dooforyoo.

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